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Mahalo for your support~10% of all proceeds benefit Bumi Sehat Birth Center, Bali, Indonesia


Mariposa Moon Jars 



 The common passing greeting in Hawaii, Love


alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present 
oha, joyous affection, joy 
ha, life energy, life, breath

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Mahalo[Ma = In] + [hâ = breath] + [alo = presence, front, face]"(May you be) in (Divine) Breath.” 

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(Aloha & Mahalo are written on these jars)



Mariposa means Butterfly in Spanish. As a moon dancer, we are known as Mariposa Guerreras or Warriors of Transformation. Part of my calling in this life as a moon dancer & a woman asks for me to assist in the transformation of our relationship with moon blood. 

Honoring moon blood as sacred has lead to the formation of these Mariposa Moon Jars.


Molecular changes in water can be seen when postive thoughts & words (i.e. love & gratitude) are near water as well as the oppositely negative thoughts & words (vibrations) change the molecular structure of water. Research Dr. Emoto for deeper understandings of changes in water molecules applied consciously. This entire concept created Mariposa Moon Blood Jars as our blood is mainly water & includes DNA, codes, information; therefore, offering moon blood to the Earth is a means of communicating in a healthy loving way with our home, Pachamama, Mother Earth. 


“When women return their womb blood to the Earth in a state of Peace, the blood shed in violence will end”- Ancient Grandmothers Prophecy


Use the paint pen to write your prayers, express gratitude, make sacred each month your Mariposa Moon Jar (washable)


*Mariposa Moon Jar can be used to clean your moon blood cup if you are using this method of collecting your blood. 


*****Tips for collecting & sharing with the Earth*****

*There are many resources today for collecting moon blood that are reusable & save our Earth from excess trash which tampons & pads add up to. Safe reusable products can be found at local health stores & online including cups, sea sponges, special moon blood underwear & more.. 

*Instead of treating moon blood as waste & putting in the toilet, we can gently, lovingly place into the jar.

*Mariposa moon jars are purposefully created in 9 oz sizes to encourage women to place Life force filled moon blood to the Earth each day (I prefer to do this under moonlight as the moon guides the ebb & flow of the tides so does Grandmother Moon influence our moon blood flow) 

*Dilute Moon blood with water in the jar & offer to flowering plants and trees each day/night on your moon (brings yummy feelings to the process and makes for great fertilizer!) 

*Placing moon blood to the Earth within a 24 hr period of collecting carries more life force than waiting til the finale of moon time & helps us to connect in a flow with our flow! 

*Naturally moon time is about “flow”, so to feel the most flow, clean, freshness while working with moon blood, please release blood from the jar within a 24 hour period. 


With Love & Joy I offer this Mariposa Moon Blood jar & pray it supports the health, healing & care for women in relation to our Mother Earth & all our relations. 


All items are/will be available to purchase online here 

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